Your $345 solution to problem tenants in Milwaukee County.



Eviction writs are only valid for 30 days after the effective date. If you fail to turn in the writ within this time you will have to start the case over.
If the tenant does not move on their own the next step is a Sheriff move. The costs for this are:

  • $175 check made payable to the Milwaukee County Sheriff

  • $5 payable to Milwaukee Clerk of Courts

  • You will also have to make arrangements with a Sheriff approved mover.

    We recommend Eagle Movers 414-383-1776 as they accept credit card deposits rather than requiring you to post a cash deposit. We use Eagle for evictions on our own properties.

    Expect to pay $130 to $500 for the mover depending on how much nice stuff the soon to be former tenant has.

We will deliver your checks and the appropriate paperwork to the Sheriff at no additional charge.

PLEASE remember that evictions must be turned into the sheriff within 30 days or you have to start over.
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