Services Offered

$279 Milwaukee County Evictions

Quick, clean, no-hassle way to deal with problem Milwaukee County tenants that is probably less expensive than taking a day off work to do it yourself. Price includes: Summons ($99.00), Process service and Licensed Attorney. (information on $279 evictions) Note: You must fill out the online form for the $279 price. If you call or fax the eviction information the price is $349.

If a Sheriff's move is required those costs are extra, but we will run the paperwork to the Sheriff for you as part of the $279 eviction.

5-day, 14-Day and 28-Day notices served the next day $30
Enter your eviction notice information on line. Our process servers will deliver the 5-day, 14-day or 28-day notice to your tenant the next day. Avoid confrontation and delay. All without leaving home! (information on $35 process service)

Wish to do it yourself? Check out the eviction instructions at and get your Free Wisconsin Eviction Notice forms online.

About Easy Evict

In 2009 the Milwaukee Court ruled that if the property is owned by an LLC, even a single member LLC, a corporation, trust or partnership you were required to use an attorney to do your evictions. Only if you hold the property in your own name, as an individual, could you represent yourself.

Many smaller owners who hold their properties in LLCs faced a difficult time with evictions because of the new rule.

We were already required to use attorneys for evictions on properties we manage for others. So we had a system in place including relationships with attorneys and process servers, plus staff members who know how to get the paperwork where it needs to go.

Some owners of the owners affected by the new rule knew us, and asked if they could avail themselves of the services we use. We tried it and it worked well for everyone. We now offer this to all Milwaukee County landlords.

The Easy Evict package includes court fees, process server, a licensed attorney and someone to run all the paperwork to the appropriate places for $279. Same attorney and process that we use for our properties.

This is not, nor is it intended to be, the solution for everyone or every eviction. But if you want a quick, easy, cheap eviction this is hard to beat. BBB Business Review